Sunday, October 21, 2007

That time I blew up Wikipedia

As the observant of you know, I've been lax in blogging lately. Times are hard, and what with work, TV and remembering to floss, it's been hard to make the time to get in some good quality blog time.

Luckily, however, it seems there are some people that are reading the blog whether I'm updating or not, and it's all apparently thanks to my one shining moment of pseudo muckraking Jewish journalism. Yes, it's the hard-hitting Abir series, which has apparently become used and linked to on that paragon of web integrity, Wikipedia. Through some bizarre series of events, my I-can't-believe-Abir-is-on-Wikipedia rant generated an astounding number of hits. This is even more entertaining because now I get to read how my rant is not an official source of information- totally unlike, say, the fairy tale on Abir's web page.

Best line: "[The] main 'source' and 'proof... for debunking the abir article is from a blog and the emotionally written blog post is certainly not a reliable source."

...And now my work belongs to the ages. I feel so important, sort of like Maimonides, or maybe Simon Dubnow.

Oh, for the curious, apparently the Wiki-Jews decided to split the Abir article into two different things- one is a well-sourced and expansive article on Jewish Military History that looks rather interesting. The other is a personal masturbation session talking about how Yehoshua Sofer's ninja brit is not only gigantic, but once defeated 400 Samurai Arabs in hand-to-wang combat.

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