Sunday, January 31, 2010

Your Week in Terrible WND Quotes

...if you're going to describe them as "progressives," make sure you use the full term and not just part of it: "the Communist Progressive Labor Party." The pundits may not get it, but "truck-driving" middle America is beginning to understand.
Here's how the Clevelander who sold me a pizza put it: "In one year Obama has turned America into a communist nation."
- Christian Crusader Janet Porter, describing why it's so important Americans do something useful to cleanse the land of liberals, namely, a prayer rally.
[The Founders wrote] a Constitution for the material kingdom, based and founded on the Constitution of the spiritual kingdom – the Bible.
-Wacko Pat Boone, calling on God-fearing Americans to do the right thing and recognize that their true loyalty is to the Invisible Sky-Man, not their government.
How many times will we have to hear about some poor white person who... has to spend the rest of his life apologizing for something that had no ill-intent... but because it refers in some way to the black denomination, to the black people, all of a sudden it becomes the most disgusting thing ever heard...Nothing Harry Reid said could be called racist unless you enjoy feeling somehow that everybody is a racist. Black people enjoy the idea of considering everybody a racist... All the black people in America are waiting to hear you say anything about black people... It could even be a compliment like in this case with Harry Reid... it was more of an attack on white people and any racism they may have, but because it involved a reference to black people all of a sudden it became an attack on the black denomination of America... It's offensive to the whites by saying they're still bigots... That white people can't accept a truly black person. If anybody should be offended, whites should be offended. It's impossible to say anything where the word black is involved or the word Negro is involved... Black people say the most racist things everyday about white people, but they're never defensive about it. We just had an election where the white person was a war hero, 30 years in the Senate, the black person showed no record of accomplishment in any way... If you were a foreigner to this country, you would interpret this as racism against whites... It's impossible for a white person to stand a chance in America. How much do you have to accomplish to be recognized? Why can a black person who accomplished nothing vanquish a white person who's a war hero, who has a history of a lifetime of accomplishment? This is perverted, this is sick, this is deranged... This need that black people have to make you feel like you're a racist is a power trip... Black people should stop intimidating the whites. Give up the whole idea of racism unless you want to talk about white people are suffering from it, not blacks!
- Jackie Mason, Self-Proclaimed Ultimate Douche Jew, standing up for pissed off white octogenarians everywhere. BTW, Jackie, if you get mad at hearing about offended minorities, be happy that no one is still watching your act.
Obama's problem is that he decided that he wasn't elected as a President, he was elected as a King. And the will of the people means nothing to him because he's going to create a health care program that every poll shows is impossible to pass, because nobody wants it and the whole country is against it and the man who followed polls to get elected President suddenly doesn't care what the people think. Now this is both obnoxious and arrogant and disgusting. Because the truth of the matter is if I got you the job... if it was any other field... and all of a sudden I got you the job... what would people think?... All I'm asking for in return is a health care plan I can tolerate... All I'm asking you for is a health care plan I approve of... I got you the job and this one thing you can't do for me? You would say to yourself this is an ungrateful disgusting person. How can he defy me? ... All of a sudden he doesn't remember who elected him or what country he's in... You're supposed to represent the will of the people, especially the ones who got him the job!
- Mason again, apparently forgetting that the people that got Obama the job were Democrats.
If you liked those last two clips, check out Jackie's newest video slamming Obama's State of the Union speech (most of it is filled with clips of Jackie taking a nap. I think he thinks it's funny. Those of us who have spent time with elderly Jews know that, at best, there's only a 50-50 chance that the naps were for comedic effect and he didn't fall asleep while taping his show).

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