Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silly searches

- Shmuley Jackass: I'm proud to have helped contribute this to the Internet.
- latin king prayers: Does Kingism have prescribed prayers? Or is it more hitbodedut focused? Help me out here, readers.

- it is possible to dent your head: Um, have you ever watched a small child?

- Dennis Prager Gets Married: Must be a new comedy coming out.

- Jews in the South: Not a myth, just funny.

- Rabbinate is Illiterate: To be fair, wouldn't it depend on the language? I don't know how many rabbis who can read Uighur.

- Chuck Norris on witches: I think he's still against them.

- Yehoshua Sofer and Chuck Norris: This would either be a great idea or super terrible.

- kabbalah+geology: Did I get my math wrong?

- Rav Chaim and Shnekel: Presumably this is some unfortunate ventriloquism act in Lakewood.

- How to wear Keffiyah Scarf: Point of Order: I'm guessing that if you don't know how to tie this, you shouldn't be wearing it.
- Friar Yid: Hooray, sometime still likes me!

- Huge curvy friar photo: UM... not like that, thanks.

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