Sunday, August 14, 2011


Here I've actually been posting some good stuff for a change instead of all the political drivel I'm known for, and what gets the most readers in ages?

My favorite line (back-translated from German):
Quintessence of the blog, is the historical derivation and also the personal pedigree information of the Lord are highly questionable.

Yup. Oh, and hi Ehav!

If Sofer gets bored teaching people Abir, he should totally start making some Jewish action movies. I am totally serious when I say I would pay money to see this. Israeli-Hollywood, get on it.


SJ said...

I read that guy learned all his stuff in Korea.

Friar Yid said...

Up until 2001 when he founded his school, he was best known for being an expert in Kuk Sool Wan.

Honestly, the guy doesn't seem so bad, it's just the fantastic degree of fuzzy history employed in Abir's origin story that gets me fired up.