Thursday, November 29, 2012

When editors take a nap

Did the Jerusalem Post just decide it doesn't need editors? You'd think after that ridiculous front-page typo a few years ago they'd realize someone should probably look at their stories before they post them all willy-nilly. Who do they think they are, me?

Anyway, here's the latest head scratcher from the Post:

If you don't know, the man in the picture is Yoel Kraus, a longtime activist from Neturei Karta in Jerusalem, a guy so anti-Zionist he has his own cow so as not to taint his holy stomach with "Zionist milk." No, really.

So here's the million dollar question: what's the relevance of showing a picture of a well-known Israeli activist who as far as I know has never left his zip code with a story happening in Poland? Were they trying to go with a random "background shot" of a Haredi guy and just wound up picking Kraus? How did no one spot this?


Antigonos said...

The JPost has been going steadily downhill for years, and barely rates amateur status now. In spite of mistranslating "Pillar of Cloud" as "Pillar of Defense", the new online Times of Israel is a much better center-right paper [Haaretz has been sliding left for a while, and now has such a paywall I hardly ever even look at it any more]

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

First of all, I've noticed spotty English in the JPost since I started reading it in the 1980's. Remember that in Israel they have a much smaller pool of good English speakers than, say, America and Canada so the people running the paper are usually folks who couldn't make it in an English market.
But the picture is very relevant. Kraus would like to think that he's still living under oppressive Polish rule because for him the Zionists are just like the evil Polish overlords of yore.

Anonymous said...

Garnel, very well said. From my visits to Israel a long time ago, and from my extensive reading more recently, and meeting Israelis over many years, I have found that many Israelis think they know English way better than they really do. Sadly, some of our people have been so beaten down by the persecution of the goyim for centuries plus their parents and grandparents repeating about how the goyim are so horrible, that they cannot make a distinction between bad goyim and good goyim. To paraphrase Animal Farm, it's become "Jews good; Goyim bad" and no exceptions. So, in Israel, lacking an oppressor, some of our Haredi brethren and sisteren have begun to consider Israeli government officials, Jews as Jewish as themselves, as if they were goyim. Sadly, it seems that people who have been persecuted for centuries can't (at least some of them can't) break out of the oppressor-oppressed paradigm.