Saturday, December 01, 2007


Last surviving Bielski brother arrested for Grand Theft

Aron Bielski, now known as Aaron Bell, is currently facing charges of kidnapping, grand theft and exploitation of the elderly together with his wife Henryka, after a 93-year-old neighbor accused them of convincing her into signing over more than $250,000 worth of bank accounts.
According to investigators, the Bells gained power of attorney over Janina Zaniewska's bank accounts in December 2005, and then moved the money into their own accounts. The Bells also tricked Zaniewska into taking a trip in May, but instead of going to her native Poland to visit friends, the couple admitted Zaniewska into a nursing home in Warsaw.
...The charges carry a maximum of 90 years in prison.
The Bielski brothers are world-renowned for having saved at least 1,200 fellow Jews during the Holocaust. Their life hiding in a Belorussian forest has been documented in books and documentaries. A Hollywood movie about them starring Daniel Craig is due for release in 2008.

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Police were contacted in August by a bank manager who wondered why the Bells were withdrawing Ms Zaniewska’s money.
Police eventually found her at the nursing home.
“Thank God you found me,” she told authorities, according to police.
She returned to Florida last month.
Prosecutors have charged the couple with scheming to defraud Zaniewska, exploitation of the elderly and theft.

This is very strange, and very sad.

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