Friday, March 07, 2008

News Flash: Media is Slow

Jewschool notes that the Forward is reporting on a not-very-new phenomenon of kosher cheeseburgers. So did the NY Post, who quotes "some blogger" (giving no source or anything, not very nice, but par for the Post) giving the following quote:

One Jewish blogger sneered, "I think the idea of it is atrocious . . . You could find a way to kosherize everything, but if it wasn't created kosher, leave it alone. You managed without it for the past 5,768 years. Don't start now."

I thought this moronic comment sounded familiar, and wouldn't you know it, I was right. Yes, not only is this quote incredibly stupid, it also turns out that it's almost four months old. Wow, the reporting talent here is just amazing, and oh-so-timely.

Someone really needs to give some of these journalists a whack. Preferably with something rolled up.

Still, we should never shy away from giving stupid credit where stupid credit is due. "ayiddele," whoever and wherever you are (probably somewhere in Brooklyn, I'm guessing?), take a bow.

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