Sunday, June 01, 2008

Guaranteed to ruin your day

A pair of Spanish twins were accidentally switched at birth. Then they found each other. The story of how they met is amusing:

"It happened by chance," thanks to a friend of one of the twins, Sebastian Socorro, the lawyer for the separated twin, told radio Cadena Ser.

"The friend was working in a shopping centre," he said. "The other twin came in one day to buy clothes. The sales assistant tried to greet her with a kiss thinking that she was her friend, but the customer refused.

This must be a Spanish thing. Or maybe it's a mid-30s woman thing. Anyway, let's make out.

"The surprised sales assistant then called her friend who assured her that she had not been in to the shop."

When the other twin came back to the shop a few days later, a meeting was arranged between the two sisters.

Just for the record, I have had the experience of meeting a friend's doppelganger. It was very, very, weird.

DNA tests proved they were identical twins, said Mr Perdomo.

Oh good. Because the alternative would be weird and confusing.

More from BBC:

Mr Perdomo said his client was taken out of a cot next to that of her twin sister and mistakenly replaced by another baby girl. His client was then raised by the family of that baby.

The non-twin was brought up believing that she was a twin sister.

And guess who feels left out now?

[Perdomo] said that of the three people most directly affected, his client had suffered the most.

Wait a minute, that's not true. She's suffered just as much displacement as the not-twin. Except now raised-by-someone-else-twin finds out she actually IS a twin, whereas not-twin discovers she's not. Even if they did spend their whole lives telling everyone they were fraternal, that's still got to suck. (Not to mention that all that time spent convincing other people they had a secret twin language just makes them look silly.)

Anyway, the hospital has said "our bad," but the twins are suing for a whopping 3 million euros. Go get 'em, girls.

In other twin news, twins are weird. But coincidence is weirder.

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