Monday, October 27, 2008

Earth to Everyone: Can we PLEASE rise above this crap?

News flash to this asshole: you are an asshole, you are not funny, you are being counter-productive to your community and your party, and did I mention you're an asshole?

On the other hand, memo to outraged conservatives:

Can you imagine if someone were to hang an effigy of Barack Obama in a mock lynching. Imagine the outcry that would occur and the worldwide media attention it would get.

It's happened. Repeatedly. And I at least, hadn't heard about it. The fact that so many conservatives seem to be phrasing their comments like you suggests they didn't, either.

However, kudos to liberal bloggers and media pundits like Olbermann for denouncing this jackass as the tool he is. By the same token, kudos to conservatives across the blogosphere for denouncing this madness and reminding us that the way to deal with political disagreements in this country is to VOTE.

Reading some of these responses actually makes me feel better about politics. It's encouraging to hear people recognize that there are people behind the politicians, and despite all the crap being thrown back and forth, it's heartening to see people acknowledge that as much as we disagree, we do not wish each other ill-will.

Let's all please remember this as we move forward.

P.S. Malkin does deserve a shout-out for keeping her nose to the grindstone on this wacko. But I wonder if we'll see retractions from bloggers who blamed this on "Democrats attacking anyone who disagrees with them."

Hat-tip: Jill @ Writes Like She Talks.

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