Monday, October 13, 2008

They're nothing if not efficient

Sure, some people are mad about crap like this:

But look at it this way: at least they managed to get all their disinformation onto a single billboard. That's something of an accomplishment, right? (At least there's only one of them.)

"Look out! Obama will turn your aborted fetuses gay, have them get gay marriages, tax them for it, AND deny them the right to carry guns!

... Oh, and he's a Muslim."

Also, who does this bozo think he's convincing with his sign? Last I checked Missouri wasn't exactly a contested state.


Anonymous said...

Check it out—today's polls have Obama up anywhere between 3 and 8. Other unexpected results: he's up in Florida, Ohio, North Dakota (!). So yeah, Missouri's in play.

Jack said...

Morons are everywhere.