Monday, March 02, 2009

Apologies to some, face smacks to others

It seems I owe an apology to Argentina. Long associated with providing a relaxing Club-Med style vacation spot to former Nazis from Eichmann to the recently-discovered Heim, the country took a small step towards redeeming itself last week when its government gave Bishop "too busy to fact-check the Holocaust" Williamson ten days to leave its grassy plains or be unceremoniously deported. Williamson departed for his native shores of England (if he's smart, he'll stay clear of Germany, which seems to be just itching to make an example of him).

Pathetically, right as Argentina was trying to clean up its image, the Vatican continued to shoot itself in the foot, formally re-admitting the Society of St. Pius, Williamson's schismatic order, even as Haaretz and a Jewish newspaper in Antwerp were releasing antisemitic quotes posted on the Order's website in five different languages (because even though they're hate-mongers, they like to encourage diversity). As reporters were rushing to save copies of such gems as "heads of Jewry have for centuries conspired methodically and out of an undying hatred against the Catholic name" and calling Jews "the enemy of man, whose secret weapon is the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy," the Society was doing what cowards and two-faced weasels have always done when confronted with their own bull- purging their site to sanitize it ahead of any investigation and to pave the way for their official Papal OK.

For those keeping score at home, this means that the Society of Pius is too antisemitic for Argentina, former stomping groups of Eichmann, Alois Brunner, and Klaus Barbie, but apparently just antisemitic enough for the Vatican. Good to know.

But wait! The Pope has now said that he is not "satisfied" with Williamson's lame pseudo-apology (which apparently has driven him into the arms of David Irving- brilliant move there, Dick. That'll totally convince everyone of the fairmindedness with which you're willing to consider the evidence). According to Vatican sources, not only does Williamson not go far enough in recanting his denial, his statement was also lacking that personal touch:

A Vatican spokesman pointed out that the apology, which was posted on a Catholic Web site, was not addressed to Pope Benedict XVI.

Yeah, doesn't it just totally suck when someone pretends to apologize without even bothering to address the offended parties?

The real problem with the whole Williamson scandal is that the Vatican is trying to hang the Bishop out to dry as the sacrificial lamb for the Holocaust denial stuff while letting the rest of the Lackies of Pius pass under the radar. Infuriatingly, the media seems to be falling for it. Williamson isn't some lone nut, and the problems with Friends of Pius goes much deeper-- they number an estimated 600,000 followers. People should be asking questions about how off the wall their theology is-- and what lame justifications Benedict is claiming to support his bone-headed decision to let them rejoin the Church. (For the record, letting Williamson back in and then threatening to not let him work as a "full Bishop" unless he accepts the Shoah as historical isn't just ass-backward, it's also ridiculously stupid. So in the interim he'll be what, a only-quasi-ostracized bishop on vacation?)

Note to Pope Benny- healing rifts in the church at everyone else's expense-- and your own supposed moral authority-- certainly isn't winning you any points with me.

But then again, I'm just a hypocritical Pharisee. Why would you care what I think?

Edit: It keeps getting better:

Williamson, who belongs to a traditionalist Catholic sect called the Society of St. Pius X, was excommunicated after he was ordained in an unauthorized ceremony 20 years ago.

Correct me if I'm wrong, oh infallible Benedict, but under Church rules, doesn't this mean that even if Williamson recanted his BS views that he is not even qualified to serve as a PRIEST, much less a Bishop? Whatever happened to God's Rottweiler? You wouldn't let Sinead O'Connor be a Bishop just because she called herself one, why does this fool get special treatment?

There's something very weird going on here.

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