Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swing and a Miss

I was never good at baseball. Not only couldn't I hit the ball, occaisonally I also forgot to hang on to the bat. This culminated in one memorable PE when I accidentally let go of the aforementioned ball-hitting instrument and amazingly managed to brain the gym teacher. (Silver lining: I got to sit out the rest of the game.)

I happened to catch the O'Reilly Factor this afternoon, and it sort of reminded me of my baseball skills. Except Bill's mistakes seemed to be closer to hanging onto the bat too long and smacking yourself in the face.

First, Bill wasted some air (and air time) mumbling about Craigslist being the "top internet conduit for child prostitution." Nothing specific (that would be too much work), but Mr. Bill was very insistent in letting people know that some Sheriff is going after Craigslist to try and take them down.

Whoops. Either Bill's got some bone to pick with Craigslist or his researchers dropped the ball. Just saying, you'd think in a 30-second swipe claiming Craigslist is essentially an e-pimp that you might want to mention the fact that they are now apparently working hard to eliminate it-- and succeeding.

Wait, it gets better. Now Bill's talking to a Venezuelan actress talking about how crazy Hugo Chavez is. Among other things, she mentioned his antisemitism. Bill, for some bizarre reason, seems to be playing devil's advocate on this one. "Why do you say he's antisemitic? Can we have some examples?" The woman seems to stumble slightly- "He doesn't like Israel, he's friends with Iran... Two synagogues have been trashed lately, etc..." Wow, thanks, lady. Thanks to your well-meaning but tongue-tied commentary, people that haven't heard about Chavez's antisemitism are going to think you're exaggerating.

Hey, Bill. Let me help your interns out. Hugo. Chavez. Giant. Douchebag.

No thanks necessary, Bill. Just start sending me my researcher checks.

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BBJ said...

Bill O'Reilly does not research much of anything that I can tell.