Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Tribute: My Family

To the fallen:

Ze'ev ben Noach N., WWII- d. 1943, South Pacific, age 19.

To the righteous:

Mordechai ben Gavriel G., WWI (Jewish Legion)

Leib ben Hershel haKohen G., WWII.

Shlomo ben Mordechai haKohen G., WWII.

Hershel ben Leib HaKohen G., WWII.

Reuven ben Binyamin B., WWII.

Reuven ben Hershel B., WWII.

Hirsh ben David F., WWII.

Binyamin ben Mordechai K., WWII.

Fishel ben Mordechai K., WWII.

Leib ben Mordechai K., WWII.

Chaim ben Mordechai K., WWII.

Natan ben Mordechai K., WWII.

Shlomo ben Mordechai S., WWII- flew 22 bombing raids over Europe and North Africa, shot down in Lithuania, spent 2 1/2 months in a POW camp, then 21 months convalescing stateside.

Shlomo ben Shimon haKohen C., Korean War.

To the forgotten:

Nussen ben Gavriel G., Cuban Occupation (post-WWI).

I will always remember you , and try to honor your lives and service.

Rest In Peace.

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