Thursday, September 24, 2009

Idiot Quote of the Day

"Every administration pushes values. But Bush pushed values that he thought the American people espoused. Obama pushes values that Obama espouses."

Really? And how did Bush make this monumental decision? One would hope he would have checked, say, the exit polls in the 2000 election, which showed the nation split an even 47-48 on the popular vote (ok, fine, closer to 24-26, if you look at voter turnout). Not much of a shining mandate to me. But thanks for playing. (You can compare this to 2008, where Obama won 52-45). If you're going to claim the President has the right to push values, presumably Obama has even more legitimacy on this than Bush.

This was from the ever-so-dippy S.E. Cupp, right after she wrung her hands about how not only was this song super-duper awful (I don't care for it either, though this is clearly a case of false-outrage, gotcha journalism), another song was even worse because it replaced "Jesus" in "Jesus Loves the Little Children" with Obama. I can understand the indoctrination argument and the politicizing classrooms argument (in California public schools this would be illegal), but you can't bitch about indoctrination and then rail on about what a shande it is that you can't mention Jesus or spirituality in school.

Pot, Kettle, shut up.

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