Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rebuttal to Fred Phelps

First, watch this for the tune (and rage):

Hey Mr. Phelps I know that you're no pastor
And that you're no preacher no, cause you're just a bastard
Spreadin' your hate all over the place
One day you will end up with a brick in the face

You protest funerals while the parents are there
You're so cruel and heartless but you just don't care
Claim you're working for your Lord
But it's clear that you are just an attention whore
Go away please... right now... and shut up.

You hate Catholics and Muslims and Jews
And also gays, and anyone who's not you,
You can hate, as hard as you please,
You've wasted your pathetic life on your sick disease
Go play in traffic... right now... and shut up.

Hey Mr. Phelps, now, consider this a warning
Your family's worn out their welcome and your time is coming
You say celebrities are horribly wrong,
I notice that don't stop you from stealing their songs
Take a long walk... off a short pier... and shut up.

1 comment:

Kylopod said...

His group was here in Baltimore a few months ago singing a Jew-bashing song to the tune of Neil Diamond's "America." Do they realize Diamond is Jewish?