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GAP Pisses Off Angry Christians; Apocalypse Presumably Forthcoming

More from "Stand Up for Christmas"-- this time, looking at the GAP ads that have so many people annoyed/outraged. The only really sane comment is this one:

-The new commercial is VERY offensive, not just to those who celebrate Christmas, but also to those who celebrate any of the other holidays they list. "Do whatever you wanaka??" By implying that these holidays are interchangeable, GAP is devaluing them ALL.

Though I can't disagree that GAP's ads have been positively inane and bordering on trivializing/insulting, some of these writers take it a little too far:

- Their adds offend me - Christmas is lumped into all of the other "winter celebrations" like Kwanza, Hanukkah, winter solstice... Not to mention the suggestive poses that these teenagers/young adults are in! Are you kidding me? Until they quit boycotting Christmas, I will keep boycotting them!

- GAP, I find your latest TV commercial offensive. Comparing Christmas and Hanukkah with winter solstice, the made up sixties holiday Kwanzaa, and eighty-sixing it (ignoring, do-nothing) shows your contempt for the real holiday. The federally recognized holiday celebrates CHRISTMAS (THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST) and no other holiday. A VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE BUY GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS to remember and show love for their friends and family as the wise men honored the Christ child that first Christmas. I will not step in a GAP (or GAP affiliated) store because of your contempt.

- [re: the commercial] Go with what is fun, popular, be you, believe in anything you "Wanaka." But what does ANY of this have to do with Christ? On my calendar, December 25th is STILL listed as "Christmas" so without "Christ" we have no reason for a holiday. ...

Brilliant. And without "Vale", we don't have a reason for Valentine's Day, so make sure you spend that one hanging out somehwere with a low elevation place, or God will smite you... I'm looking at you, Denver.

- I was appalled by this year's attempt at a Christmas TV ad. While attempting to please everyone and offend no one, it has had the opposite effect. Celebrating "whatever" and doing "what you want" are purely an example of today's worldly values. I feel for the Christian employees at GAP; I wouldn't want to work there. If I had the money to spend at places like GAP (which I don't), I wouldn't shop there either.

- Time to liberate? Only Jesus can set us free. Jesus is THE way. You cannot "86" that rule. I will not be shopping at Gap or affiliated stores. This commercial reflects an anti-Christ heart attitude. Oh Lord, send us your revival ...keep us "One Nation Under God!"

We also had some American history experts step in to remind us of America's origins, lest you had forgotten:

- The original holiday celebrated in this country is Christmas. No one mention of this holiday with all the others rattled off was stated in the Gap's first holiday commercial. No one has the right to remove Christmas from our country or our vocabulary!

- Just saw the new Gap commercial. I am so disappointed that I will not be shopping at Gap or her sister stores again until they have a change of heart. I don't understand why they can't just say Merry Christmas, accept my money, and end it there. I don't expect them to have a live nativity outside their store or give out tracts with each purchase. Just celebrate the holiday America has always celebrated, Christmas, and keep your mouths shut!!

The Christmas cheer... it burns!

Apparently some people were particularly angered because the ad mentioned "Solstice":

- Their Holiday commercial was very offensive with the message celebrate what ever you feel like. Including Solstice. I dont plan on ever shopping there unless they change their message.

- When the GAP new 'holiday' ad was first aired I listened carefully to the lyrics. Since when was Christmas time a place for retailers to mention Wiccan and other NonChristian 'religions'? Mentioning celebrating the Solstice turned me AWAY from GAP. I'm telling everyone I know about this too.

- Just heard about Gap deciding against Christmas. They are comparing Christmas to cults and witchcraft and encouraging folks to celebrate the "holiday" in whatever manner they see fit. Come on, Gap, take a stand for what is RIGHT - you benefit from our Christmas dollars for Christmas gifts. Because of their stand on Christmas, I won't be buying anything from Gap this year. Come on Gap! Celebrate Christmas! Jesus died for EVERYONE!

- I will NOT buy anything else from GAP (which I am a HUGE fan of). By ignoring Christmas and offering "Happy Solstice," a WICCAN witch-warlock acknowledged dedicated day, they have GROSSLY OFFENDED not only ME but the MAJORITY of Americans. I will get the word out to others as well.

I look forward to getting that chain email soon.

- I could have tolerated Hannakuh and Kwanzaa. But solstice, really? By attempting to please all, you alienate most. Congratulations.

You "could have" tolerated those other ones, though. How big of you.

- The new TV commercial by the GAP still refuses to mention Christmas and finishes with Happy Holidays. I do not find this acceptable anymore. Only Merry Christmas is an acceptable response this time of year.

There you have it, in black and white. The ONLY acceptable thing to say is Merry Christmas. It's like the post from yesterday where the customer was dictating from on high what the details of the store's display should be. I wonder if some Christians perceive secular/non-Christian activists who want exclusively Christian displays changed as being this obnoxious and controlling?

But wait, GAP is fighting back... kind of:

[*Special note by Focus Action staff: This comment below is shared because we feel it serves as a worthy reminder to our readers to maintain common courtesy even as we stand for our values in the public square. Thank you for the comment.] -- "I'm a manager at a Gap store. As a Christian I feel condemned by reading some of your comments. We're allowed to say Merry Christmas. Please understand that Gap is a business not a church and we have Jews, Muslims, Atheists, and Christians who come into our store. I cannot assume everyone are Christians. The Sunday "church crowd" that comes in is so much more rude and mean than any other time of the week. Please use courtesy and know that you are a representation of Christ even when you shop. Please be nice, retail workers need Christ too!"

Oy. Apparently tis the season to perform a homemade lobotomy. Or maybe I can hibernate until spring.

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