Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mama Grizzlies vs Mama Ewoks? I say shoot them both

I know that nothing gets under liberal feminists' skin like conservatives like Sarah Palin accusing them of not being real Americans, real feminists, or real women. I also know that conservative bloggers want to use this silly video to show the shallowness of liberal feminists trying to counter Sarah Palin.

But honestly, all I can think of at this point is, "This is how demented the political process has gotten. One jackass is using a utterly stupid neologism to draw her political lines of legitimacy in the sand and elevate her as a tough mom who's also a savvy political fighter. At the same time, her opponents seem to be getting distracted from the actual issues and instead are trying to counter her on rhetoric, not substance." It's like when the photographer uses a stuffed bird to distract the infant from the camera.

Truly, a golden age for politics. Thank god no one had this idea during T.R.'s last election.


CA said...

ou know, I don't think this "mama Grizzly" shtick is such a good idea for Sarah Palin. It might remind us that the grizzly bear is an endangered or threatened species over much of its range. In fact, the only place where the bear is not on the list seems to be Alaska. This does not bode well for a creature that used to range as far east as Ohio.

In other words, "mama Grizzly" is not exactly the wave of the future.

CA said...

Here are the three premises of Idiot America, according the Mr. Pierce:

1. Any theory is valid if it sell books, soaks up ratings or otherwise moves units.

2. Anything can be true if someone says it loudly enough.

3. Nonsense is accepted and validated solely on the basis of respect for the effort it takes to develop and promulgate said nonsense.

People need to understand this stuff. I hope you will use your soapbox to pass the word along.