Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Reader Writes In

As my few readers know, this blog rarely gets many comments. And I get even fewer emails. So I was very pleased to get this friendly missive from some guy named Mark M.

Mark writes,

Subject: picture
I am trying to do my genealogy when what do I see a freekin fairy picture with a snake in his pants do you seriously thank that is funny!!!!!!!!! then change the freakin name I don't want it associated with my surname!
Mark was apparently referring to one of my all-time most popular posts here, with the controversial image being here:

I was so touched I decided to write back.

Dearest Mark,
Thanks so much for writing! I'm glad you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it-- over two and a half years ago. As a fellow genealogist, I know how valuable a resource the Internet can be. Isn't it fun to make new family discoveries?
I agree it's unfortunate you share your last name with a balding conservative blow-hard whose internet shtick entirely revolves around ripping off A Scanner Darkly (no, really) and whose idea of edgy humor consists of making offensive cookies (no, really!). And I must admit that I'm not entirely sure how you expected Google Image Search to help you all that much with your family tree. But look on the bright side: now your clan has achieved true immortality! I'm so glad I could help.
Also, just as a quick fact check. If you look at the link in full context, you can clearly see that the costume in question is not a "freekin fairy," but rather the ever-popular zoophile snake charmer. Anyway, I never wrote anything suggesting that the snake charmer with the unfortunate constrictor problem was specifically linked with your illustrious family. If you're really annoyed about the post, it seems to me that you should direct your complaints to the Pied Baker of Dopeland himself. He already changed his first name to show how much he loves Communism, I'm sure he won't mind changing his last name to suit you. May I suggest, "Molotov Mixing Machine?"
Friar Yid

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