Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ending a Hiatus and a Stupid Look Back

Haven't blogged in a while; been busy wrapping up the school term. For my first ice-breaker, I'd like to congratulate Ohio's new governor, John Kasich. Kasich, of course, was a long-time Republican Congressman until 2001, when he decided he'd rather be President than Congressman. This, of course, did not happen, so Kasich went into the sweetest political exile possible for conservatives: becoming a Fox News blowhard. We here at the blog have been longtime, well, not quite fans, of Kasich, but at least admirers that he has enough self-control that he can say the things he does with a straight face.

In that spirit, here are two Kasich blasts from the past:

2006: I hate inconsistency! Only I'm allowed to do that!

2008:  The Heartland is Jewish. Also, I'm totally from the Heartland. Just check out the cool Main Street the Disneyland people built for us near the mega-mall.

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