Monday, March 14, 2011

A failure to communicate

Though I've spent many, many hours reading the internet works of R. Lazer Brody, every so often it still feels like we're on slightly different planets. It's like I'm from Earth and he's from... I don't know, Jupiter?

Case in point: a cute story about a thirsty three year old.

Dear Rabbi Lazer,As my 3 year old was lying in bed - to go to sleep, he called out for a drink. When my response took longer than a few seconds, he immediately turned to ask Hashem. He told Hashem that he's only a toddler, and he needs a drink. 
We have been listening to your Emuna CDs in the car and although I try not to have them on when he's in the car so that I can spend the time talking to him. Recently, the lessons have been so good that the few times that I just can't get myself to turn them off, seems to be rubbing off on him. I couldn't believe the way my 3-year old was actually doing hitbodedut and talking to Hashem! Maybe I should have him listen to the CDs more often...

Think about this: the mother and Lazer are high-fiving over the fact that the kid is asking God for water. This despite the fact that there is NO chance of God actually filling up a glass and magic-floating it over to his bed, thereby setting up Job Jr. for some major disappointment and/or confusion. Nice. Is the assumption that he just needs to learn that God does things on his own time? Or maybe the thought is that this little guy's lived with his childish notions of a God that does everything for you whenever you ask for too long. I mean, the kid is three, for Heaven's sake. Time to grow up.

Look guys, if you want your kids to pray and have a personal relationship with God that's fine, but little kids praying for tangible results immediately is a recipe for disaster. Instead of being happy that your kid expects basic needs to bet met through prayer, maybe try explaining that if he wants water he either needs to get it himself or ask an actual person. Just a thought.

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