Friday, July 15, 2011

Neither the sky nor the izmels are falling

Attention professional Jewish alarmists: I know you think San Francisco really hates Jews because it has things like anti-Israel protests and left-wing professors, but please believe me when I tell you that you're all off base on this one.

Just because a group of anti-circumcision doofi (backed by one particularly unhinged anti-Semite) managed to get their proposal to ban infant circumcision on the ballot does not mean:

A- That most of San Franciscans support them; or
B- That the measure will pass.

But no, as soon as conservative Jews hear "San Francisco" and "ban circumcision" together, all of a sudden we're in 1939 Germany. Get some perspective, guys. Less than 8,000 people (or 12,000 depending on your source) signed this petition, out of a city of 465,000 registered voters. Drop in the bucket much?

Never one to let facts get in the way of talking about how America hates Jews and that everyone needs to make aliyah immediately, Lazer was announcing as far back as March that not only was God totally pissed about this ballot measure, but also that it had already passed. That must be some impressive time-machine you've got, Lazer. Does it run on emunah?

Let's make a deal, crazies: if the ballot passes, I will make sure to talk about it on my blog and hang my head in shame at my much-beloved birthplace. On the other hand, if it doesn't pass, which of course will validate the fact that most residents of SF don't hate either Jews or circumcision, you will write a public apology to me and the other 400+ thousand people you slandered as dirty anti-semites.


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