Sunday, September 09, 2007

High Points of the Chabad Telethon

- Hearing Abraham Freid sing "My Zayde", which tells the loving story of how a Zayde spent all his time talking about "the antisemites" beating him up, and ends on the up-note of guilt-tripping the audience by accusing them of not being as authentically Jewish like zayde. (Of course, this doesn't always work in families like mine, where the zaydes were, say, Godless Communists.) Fried's voice was nice, though a tad too quivery for my tastes. Also, you may have noticed that I'm a bit too cynical for it to have the desired effect on me.

- Watching Dennis Prager make a giant boob of himself:

"Here's Ruchel Schwartz! Wait, what? Labor? You're in labor?

"...Fine, fine... Labor Ruchel. I knew her as Ruchel Schwartz, now she's... ohhh.

"...My apologies, Rabbi Leiber. You have a very nice wife."


- Finally realizing who Rabbi Cunin's voice reminds me of.

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