Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's that time again

A Shanah Tova to all my readers, perusers, and occasional commenters. Please enjoy this blast from the past.

Usually I'm good about not singing my stupid songs when actually in shul, but today the rabbi pulled a dirty trick on us and made us sing Avinu Malkeinu twice, without any justification, so I felt zero guilt belting it- it wasn't as if people could hear me, anyway.

Oh, and our standby Reform shul, Temple Ol'Faithful, really needs to switch to Mishkan T'Fillah or some sort of transliterated holiday machzor. Seriously, guys, the Conservative Movement has transliterations for the High Holidays, why can't you?

Also, I realize the cantor is in mourning for her lifelong friend and mentor Pavoratti, but doing her impression of him while attempting to get through services really isn't helping anything.

Finally, many thanks to the shul's community library, which gave me a chance to snag a book actually printed in English, and thereby have something to do this morning (shut up, In My Father's Court is a totally acceptable siddur substitute. I probably got more Jew-points from that than most of the people sitting with me.)

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