Monday, April 19, 2010

We Don't Need No Stinking Facts

Ok, so Lazer claims the volcano in Iceland is divine punishment. That's not entirely surprising, we've heard this goofiness before from "Rabbi Rambo." But here's the twist: Lazer claim is that the Icelandic eruption is divine punishment for ENGLAND.

The bumbling Brits didn't realize that when you mess around with Jerusalem and the Wall, you mess around with Hashem.

"Aha, Great Britain - are you so brazen to discourage tourism to My Holy City?" Hashem asks. "You question My children's right to their Father's palace? You shall not have a single tourist entering or leaving your silly Island!"

So what did Hashem do?

Hashem let a remote volcano in Iceland erupt, from the Icelandic mountain Eyjaffjalljokull, whose ash cloud grounded all air traffic above Britain yesterday, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

...No one remembers when British airspace was totally closed. Such a natural phenomena as an atmospheral ash cloud is one in a zillion. But, Hashem in implementing His Divine justice is defying statistics more and more as we get closer to Moshiach.

All those facts may be technically true, Lazer, but here's the million dollar question- if God has a grudge against England... why punish Iceland to get to them? I mean, seriously, what did the Icelandic government (or farming industry) do to anger Hashem lately? Is God mad because Icelandic cows aren't schechted properly?

Wow Lazer. I didn't think your random theodicy theories could get much worse. Now I see they don't just minimize the pain and impact of being the victim of a natural disaster, AND reduce God into the equivalent of a vindictive elderly neighbor who goes around punching kids to get revenge for them hitting balls into his yard, they also are extremely self-centered. Apparently a volcano can't even erupt in Scandinavia without it being connected to Israel somehow. Self-absorbed much?

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