Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Blowhard who cried Wolf

One of the first Internet forums I ever participated in was a somewhat rough place. There were lots of cliques, lots of arguments, and the environment was very sink-or-swim. In that spot, one of the first things I learned as an observer and participant in online discussions was to always be very suspicious of people that claimed they were taking their cyber-ball and going home. Anyone that made a big deal of "leaving forever" was almost always full of it and milking their hurt feelings for sympathy. Eventually my natural response to such announcements became to ignore them.

Apparently no one's told this to Tzvi Fishman, though. Over the years, there have been a few times where Tzvi has threatened to shut down his blog (my reaction is always the same: "Promise?") And of course, it never happens.

So, for the record, here's the run-down:

- October 20: various commenters insult each other on Tzvi's blog. Tzvi is greatly offended.

- October 22: Tzvi has an e-tantrum and announces that "Until you children stop calling each other bad names, this blog is shut down." Tzvi muses that maybe his "piercing insights, controversial use of visuals, and the exaggerated style of my writing are responsible for the locker-room tone of the talkbacks" Yes, Tzvi, I'm sure it was all about how "piercing" your insight was. After all, who'd have thought that comparing the Diaspora to a toilet could lead to people treating your blog like a locker room? It's just shocking how some people behave, isn't it?

- October 25: A record three days later, Tzvi's blog miraculously returns! And how has he managed to reach his high standard of having his readers stop calling each other bad names? Why it's by removing their ability to write back at all! What great wisdom you have, Reb Tzvi.

Three cheers to Tzvi, the biggest crybaby on the Internet. Maybe now that he's silenced his readers, he'll stop threatening to quit every time he gets upset at something. Or he'll do us all a favor and finally make good on his promises. Either way is good.

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