Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Halloween Trivia

I always find such useful information from Tzvi's blog. For instance, one commenter, explaining how happy he is now that he's moved his family to Israel away from the terrible influences of American holidays (in Monsey, NY of all places), said the following:
While Monsey is a lovely community for those who are unable to come to Israel, one of the reasons we left was the opposite of Mr. Hacohen's claim. Perhaps he believes that a Jewish education includes trick or treating on Halloween like everyone else, even though it is a gentile holiday (All Saints Day) with very unJewish customs like soaping windows of those who don't give out candy and placing razor blades in apples.
Razor blades in apples? That's considered a "tradition" now? Funny, I thought that was a crime. I didn't realize Rockland county was such a rough neighborhood. I'd hate to see what they do for Arbor Day.

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Doc Hantarish said...

What?! Frum kids in Monsey trick or treat? I live in the frum neighborhood of Baltimore, where frumdon is supposedly less intense than that of Monsey, and one of the benefits is that none of the kids trick or treat, which means that we don't have to bother buying candy for Halloween or stay around to receive the costumed guests.

Not the the local frum kids are that deprived, they have a tradition called "sukkah hopping," where they can fill up on candy and stuff. I even put out candy in my sukkah for the kids, but I think they get freaked out by the pictures of the female rabbinical sages I hang for sukkah decorations.

I'm not sure whether they do sukkah hopping in Israel or not.