Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And so it begins...

Christmas Narishkeit coming early this year, so why not The War On Christmas bullcrap? Fox News started fanning the flames of TWOC today by going after Lowe's, a longtime "Happy Holidays" holdout- and enemy of O'Reilly as a therefore de-facto Christmas basher.

The segment was ranting about how Lowe's had the chutzpah to call its trees "Family Trees." "Family trees! That's even WORSE than holiday trees! That's like... at least holiday could include Christmas. But family... what the hell is that? Christmas isn't a family!"

The best part was that they couldn't really find anyone really mad about it. The closest was one guy that said, "I don't like that," and when prodded, said, "they should be called Christmas trees." The reporter had to speak for the unspoken angry multitudes via voiceover: Some people (none that we could find, though), are angry about this because it takes the Christ out of Christmas and makes the holiday more secular."

No, moron. Lowe's calling it a family tree doesn't affect YOUR holiday anymore than somebody calling a menorah an artificial goat inseminator affects mine. If you want more church in Christmas, go to church. The reason the holiday is secular (or secularized) is because people don't care enough to complain about it. As indicated by the fact that you couldn't even find someone to take the righteous outrage position you were looking for.

It got even better, actually. Of the three people interviewed, one guy was mad (barely), one guy said, "What's wrong with family?" and one Christian theologian basically said, "It doesn't make any difference."

Whoops. Swing and a miss.

Somewhat sadly, Lowe's has since caved, and in a very undignified manner, too, by claiming it was a typo. Oh, horsecrap. At least stand by your supposed convictions.

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