Thursday, November 15, 2007


Fox News and Pat Robertson's 700 Club are giddy over the fact that the governor of Georgia prayed and Georgia got rain (all of an inch). Fox News just had a giant graphic pondering the not-too-leading question, "Did Prayer Work?" John Gibson pondered/sneered, "Is this going to make some people change their minds or do you think it will just confirm the beliefs of the faithful and leave the doubters scoffing?"

In a word: Yes. I'm quite happy for Georgia, I hope they get all the rain they want and need (it might prevent another near-mini-civil war between them and their neighbors over water). But I'm not going to say it's thanks to Perdue's prayers anymore than nutjob Yehuda Levin's.

And frankly, if God's handing out favors, a better start would be to give Georgia all the water it needs, spare Louisiana and California from any future natural disasters, and oh yeah, help us solve this whole oil crisis thing. If these guys are all about the prayer, I say pray more. Because an inch isn't going to cut it.

Edit: Come to think of it, I kind of like's drash on the whole thing.

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