Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WND: My Ever-Faithful Punching Bag

First a guest columnist suggests that abortion can lead to lynching:
Minorities ought to be terrified of the logic of abortion, because it places the hangman's noose in the hands of the powerful, and it completely legalizes extermination of convenience by the elite class. Unless we regard Sovereign God as the only Being with the power of life and death over the innocent, we abandon the concept of universal human rights and replace it with a special-class tyranny.

This is fairly hilarious if you consider how many murders have been carried out by supposedly God-fearing individuals over the past several centuries.

Michael Savage is bitching about CAIR urging advertisers to boycott his show.

"This is a dry run against free speech in America by the Islamists and the illegal aliens who are now becoming one and the same," said Savage in August. "It's the same organizational structure. … I am the target of this dry run. They want to see how far they can get in silencing a voice of freedom in the United States of America. They want to see which, if any, governmental agencies will stop them."

"Guess what they learned so far?" he continued. "That not only will no governmental agency stop them in their attempts to kill free speech, they will aid them in their attempts to kill free speech. We have lost our freedoms already.

"Lady Liberty has been hog tied. She is being raped by the illegal aliens. She is being raped by the landlords who are using the illegal aliens. Lady Liberty is there in bindings screaming for us to release her," he said.

Funny, I don't recall conservatives complaining when Bill O'Reilly and the American Family Association lead boycotts against companies for not saying Merry Christmas (or, say, France). If it's ok for Christians to use their buying power to pressure companies into doing what they want, why shouldn't Muslims be able to do the same thing? Put another way, assuming some stores actually are "censoring" Christmas (that is, promoting non-denominational versions of "Happy Holidays" instead), isn't trying to hurt them financially in order to get your way another form of censorship? Isn't Happy Holidays also a form of free speech? And doesn't this swing both ways? (Incidentally, though I always like to stay on the side of free speech I have to say that if I was going to pick one thing to try to censor, I find Savage's crap far more odious than "Happy Holidays"- but maybe that's just the liberal Jew in me.)

Pat Boone has many things to say. Too many, in fact.

First of all, Pat, it's spelled Tevye. And no, you're not him. Not even close.

Second, not only is it dishonest and cowardly to hide stupid ad hominem attacks in the mouths of hypothetical children, it's also makes you look like a fool:

it's been obvious to objective observers that the liberal media treat the leading Dems as "rock stars," with Hillary and Obama the political equivalents of Brad and Angelina or Tom and Katie. What's a busy, distracted and too largely uninformed public to think? Why, the empress has gorgeous new clothes, ultra fine and royal, of course – befitting the media-nominated, elected and inaugurated first woman president.

But wait! Whose voice is it that we hear exclaiming, "Daddy, that Hillary lady looks like Bill Clinton in a pant suit!" And "Mommy, is that Obama or Osama? They sound sort of alike to me." And "Look, Daddy, that little kid Johnny Edwards is trying to be president of the United States!" Who's voice?

Why, it's the conservative media, with childlike clarity, actually telling it like it is, revealing the underbellies and warped political ploys of the liberal favorites! There's Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and a host of other articulate and informed talk-show hosts...Thank God for the other voices, the honest, childlike observations of the biased reality we voters are facing in this country.

...Thank God there are spokesmen and women in the land who can see as if through a child's eyes and help us separate reality from naked ambition.

Yes, indeed, Pat, only an imbecilic child would think that saying something like, "I can't tell Osama and Obama apart" passes for a legitimate or useful contribution to political discourse. Thanks so much.

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