Friday, August 07, 2009

Fox needs help

These guys are screaming for a competent producer. The other day I was watching Fox News as the two American journalists were coming back from North Korea. Of course, since there are no cameras on the plane but it's still an important story, all the networks are going to stall, having no new developments and nothing to say. I get it. CNN wasn't much better.

However, this was downright ridiculous. As they started showing the plane, they started talking about the owner, Steve Bing, a Clinton friend and donor. Up pop pictures of Clinton and Bing. Did I know, they asked, that Bind had previously dated Elizabeth Hurley (pop up picture)? How about Nicole Kidman (pop)? Sheryl Crow (pop?)

By this time I was ready to eat my TV. Hey, I bet Bing also wears pants! And probably has a dog! Do we have pictures of that? No? Well then, never mind. (I tried to find a video link, but this was the closest I could get. It really doesn't do the clip justice, though I do like how it works in a few extra Clinton jabs having nothing to do with the story.)

Now, I thought this was the dumbest, non-topical tripe that Fox had to offer. But fear not! Yesterday had more-- much more. Take it away, Cavuto:

Now it's war, a turf war. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi throwing out this term "Astroturf" to put down protesters. My next guest is put off. We thought we would kind of get a different angle on this and talk to someone who is in the AstroTurf field. So this guy is the biggest in it. Michael Dennis is the chairman of Astroturf, which invented Astroturf, and is the premiere maker of Astroturf.

You know, Michael, when I hear Nancy Pelosi, and the San Francisco district, an area that she covers — do the 49ers and do the Giants, do their stadiums have Astroturf?

Would you ever want to wrap these politicians in Astroturf?
Oh, the universe... How I hate you.

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