Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dueling Justifications

The Yated is mad that some people are justifying de Hartog's slap. Their response? Justify Cohen's slur.

MK Rabbi Gafni, who presented the no-confidence motion, said that a large portion of the public in Israel, some one million people whose children study at chareidi schools, woke up last Wednesday morning, the day after the slap, "and they were sure the entire secular media would be irate and deliver a severe criticism on this issue. They woke up in the morning only to find the whole media was justifying the slap. A Galei Tzahal reporter said, it's a shame he didn't give him a harder smack and knock out all his teeth, too, while Ha'aretz wrote that it was a very desirable slap.

"Such sights of beating members of parliament we thought were only in places like Taiwan, but last week it came to the Knesset, too."

Rabbi Gafni complained that the press, including top journalists who have won prestigious prizes, wrote in favor of de Hartoch's deeds in the Justice Ministry without looking into the matter at all and without any knowledge of de Hartoch's decrees and the claims against him. "The media lowered itself to a level it should never have reached."

He also lodged criticism against de Hartoch's claims that he lost control because he was the son of a Holocaust survivor. "Who among us here in the Jewish people is not a child of a Holocaust survivor? Who? MK Cohen isn't? Three hundred people from his family perished in the Holocaust. To use a defense like that? It's a disgrace that people are still talking about that. There is one dispute. He acted violently, he gave a slap, a slap which was not a tap but rather he flung all his rage for [me] at Yaakov Cohen. The first thing the Justice Minister should have done was to issue a condemnation of the deed."

Good grief. If Cohen has lost people in the Shoah, all the more reason not to call de Hartog a German.

But wait, the Yated claims that de Hartog was actually the one that started throwing around German comparisons!

Irate over de Hartoch's remarks, Rabbi Cohen said, "Why do you lie to us? Why do you scheme against us? You're destroying the Torah world."

"You're an animal," de Hartoch replied. "You're like the Germans."

Rabbi Cohen responded to the harsh words by saying, "What you're doing is like the Germans who wanted to destroy the body and soul."

"Stop talking like that," said de Hartoch. "You don't know me. I'll give you a smack."

"Let's see you," said Rabbi Cohen.

At that point de Hartoch failed to control his rage and slapped the MK very hard across the face.

Most of the media do not report that de Hartoch was the first to accuse Rabbi Cohen of being like the Germans. de Hartoch's lame excuse that he is the son of Holocaust survivors does not account for the fact that the was the first to introduce the theme into the insults.

Christ. Fine, kick both of them out of the Knesset and be done with this stupidity.

And, surprise surprise, all the rebbes and leaders among Israeli Haredim are defending Cohen- even better, they're praising him!

After Rabbi Cohen recounted the incident, HaRav Eliashiv shlita replied, "In Tehillim it says, `Ki hikiso es kol oyvai lechi' (3:8). And why did Dovid Hamelech want all of his enemies to be struck in the cheek? Because a blow to the cheek causes not only pain to the person slapped, but also embarrasses the person who is struck more than another type of blow.

"However, in this case there is no reason to be ashamed. The gemora says, `Hakol lefi hamevayesh vehamisbayesh.' In cases of shame one must assess who is the person doing the shaming and who is being shamed. In this case the person causing the shame is insignificant, thus there is no shame to the person shamed. In fact, you should wear it with pride..." Maran later blessed Rabbi Cohen for success together with the other UTJ representatives in their efforts to pass the Education Law...

Yeah, wear it with pride, maybe make it into a T-shirt: "I'm an asshat, but you can't tell when I wear a shtreimel."
HaRav Shteinman shlita also asked for an account of the incident. After hearing the details he expressed astonishment, saying, "We believe that everything comes from Above, but sometimes we have an opportunity to clearly see how things are handled up Above. The Torah world has long awaited the moment this man would be removed from his post and how it would transpire. Through humiliation and having his disgrace publicly known, Hashem's Hand can be clearly seen. Happy is your lot that the Name of Heaven was sanctified through you."

Jesus. Gag me with a gartel.

A delegation of prominent Vishnitz activists arrived at Rabbi Cohen's home at the behest of the Admor of Vishnitz to convey his blessing: "When one acts for the sake of the [Torah] institutions, one sees siyata deShmaya. [Divine Assistance]"

MK Rabbi Cohen visited the Admor of Gur in Arad and received his blessing: "In the merit of the Torah and hevel pihem shel tinokos shel beis rabbon may you have the merit to continue successfully sanctifying the Name of Heaven."

Rabbi Cohen also received a special brochoh from the Belzer Rebbe, who inquired into his well-being following the grave attack. "May Hashem Yisborach help him regain his strength and may he have the merit to increase kovod Shomayim [the honor of God] with robust health."

The Admor of Tzanz said, "Happy is your lot that you were caught for involvement in Torah ["shenitfasto al divrei Torah"]. You are a representative of the Torah world and as such we are all obligated to protest the harm done to you. All of us must unite to encourage and support him and to protest against he who harmed a public emissary loyal to those he represents." The Admor concluded by blessing Rabbi Cohen "to continue sanctifying the Name of Heaven and may you have protection and success in all your endeavors."

No, rebbe. You sanctify Heaven by working WITHIN the law to get your people the best funding and assistance you can, and, if necessary, by modifying your schools to get more money for the children. Not by hounding the guy holding the purse strings. Do you really think that this incident is going to make the next non-haredi guy in the position more disposed towards UTJ and their constituents? And how was Cohen "caught?"

Agh. The world burns my brain.

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