Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gotta Love those Comments

An article at the Jewish Press on Orthodox reactions to gay marriage was illuminating. First, this gem from Dov "what pipe bomb?" Hikind:

The New York State Assembly’s 85-61 approval of gay marriage last week has Orthodox groups worried.
...Although the bill is expected to languish or die in the Republican-controlled State Senate, Assemblyman Dov Hikind told The Jewish Press that unless these Orthodox groups "work hard and lobby just like they do for money," the bill will eventually become law.

Hmm. Anyone got a feeling that if, say, a non-Jew (or the Forward) had said something like that about Orthodox Jews that the Press and Mr. Hikind wouldn't be among the first to give them a tongue lashing?

The real gold, those, is in the comment section. Loyal reader Abraham has a suggestion for how to enforce Orthodox values in New York. Quoted in full because it's just so good.

As a former New Yorker, I believe Shomrei Torah UMitzvos (Orthodox Jews) should apply strong pressure. Before doing so, it would be appropriate for New Yorkers to ask the following Sheilah (question) of their leading Poskim (Torah scholars): Should Speaker Silver, Governor Spitzer, and other Jewish politicians be told that if the Toevah (abominable) proposal becomes law, as a result of their action or lack of action, they will be excommunicated (i.e., placed in Cherem) by the Rabbonim!

How good to see the Spinoza effect is still alive and kicking. I can't wait to see Abraham's thoughts regarding things like Israel finally enforcing the Tal Law, getting army-dodging haredim out of the kollels and into the job force. I'm thinking, "burn the MKs at the stake" is a good start.

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