Thursday, July 12, 2007


WND has seen the light and is finally campaigning for facts to be included in sex ed classrooms. Yes, facts!

State ignores plea to teach sex factually

You tell 'em, guys!

I'm all a-twitter with excitement. Will they start advocating education about STDs, or even, dare I say it, safe sex? Be still my heart.

Oh wait. Never mind.
State education officials in Maryland have rejected a plea from 270 Montgomery County area physicians to require the local school board to include factual information about sex in a new curriculum that establishes homosexuality as "innate" and features a 45-minute lesson on how to use a condom.

Silly me, I thought this was going to be about facts, like, abstinence-only education doesn't help kids that don't practice abstinence, or maybe how a lot of abstinence-only education is filled with unfactual scaremongering. My bad. Turns out it's about the gays.

A local group, Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, and others had told the state the curriculum's demand for "non-judgmental" language violated the rights of religious parents who believe homosexual behavior is wrong, but their concerns were dismissed.

The organization has announced plans for a federal lawsuit

The poor things. Coming up next week, the KKK sues their local school district after refusing to respect their beliefs that blacks are mud people and Jews are the spawn of Satan. Why do they have to be so intolerant, man?

WND has documented a number of earlier cases in which educators have been shown to be promoting a homosexual lifestyle to children.

WND had reported California Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell, under whose supervision hundreds of thousands of children are being educated, has used his state position and taxpayer-funded stationery to praise a "gay" pride event that has been used in the past to expose children to sexually explicit activities.

That drew vehement objections from several, including Priscilla Schreiber, the president of the Grossmont Unified High School District governing board.

"I am outraged that a person in this high-ranking elected position would advocate an event where diversity is not just being celebrated but where pornography and indecent exposure is being perpetrated on the young and innocent children of our communities," she said.

Yeah, I mean, you're already scarring those kids for life by just celebrating diversity, how much worse can it get? Jesus, think of the children!

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mnuez said...

"factual information about sex in a new curriculum that establishes homosexuality as 'innate'"

Fantastic. So you want to replace one group of dogmatics with another?

Of course the Christian Conservatives are nuts whos sexual beliefs are based on matters other than the facts but the whole "homosexuality is in always innate" crowd are following a fad that (though it isn't based in religion) is just as lacking in evidence.

The opposite of the beliefs of religion are not always true simply because of what they oppose. People's tendency or interest to engage in homosexual sex is based on so many variables that for it to be considered "facually" "established" as "innate" is dumb as laughable.