Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lazer and I are totally on the same page

Lazer is hawking a new translation of Hasidic wisdom by R. Elimelech of Lizhensk, "Noam Elimelech."

Lazer's pitch:

This monumental work is the product of a rising star in contemporary Chassidic research... We here at the Beams have had the privilege of a sneak preview of Rabbi Zwecker's outstanding work, and are pleased and proud to give this important book our wholehearted recommendation and endorsement.

This book will give a new dimension to the English-speaking Shabbat table, as well as enable English speakers to taste the beauty and sweetness of classical chassidus.

I heartily agree and encourage people to sniff this out. After all, don't just take Lazer's word for it, read what Elimelech's Hasidic peers used to say about his book:

Rabbi Mendel of Rymanov used to say that only on the eve of Sabbath, after emerging from the ritual bath, was he able to grasp the meaning of Noam Elimelekh. Rabbi Hayim of Kossov went further, declaring that only "a person who is able to revive the dead is able to understand this book."

Run out and get your copy today!

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