Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Refreshing news from Israel

Tired of hearing nothing out of Israel but Jews fighting (among other things) with each other? About Palestinians clashing in the streets? About Jews fighting with other people that claim they're Jews?

Then you're in luck:

Israeli police had to break up a fist fight that erupted between Greek and Armenian Orthodox clergymen at one of Christianity's holiest sites.

The scuffles broke out at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Orthodox Palm Sunday.

Brawls are not uncommon at the church, which is uneasily shared by various Christian denominations.

In this case, witnesses say an Armenian priest forcibly ejected a Greek priest from an area near the tomb of Jesus.

They say the attacker felt the Greek priest had spent too long at the tomb.

When police arrived to break up the fight, some were reportedly beaten back by worshippers using palm fronds.

Awesome. I love how they aren't even different denominations of Christians. I guess their Orthodox can't get along with each other, either.

Hat-tip: Keli Ata.

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Antigonos said...

It happens ALL the time here. Not to mention there are three different dates for Christmas and Easter, depending on your Christian denomination. The "religion of love", forsooth!