Monday, October 09, 2006

That was fast

Yes, calling people names is hurtful. We all learned this in first grade. That said, this is still pretty funny (in a really sad way):
A Democratic congressional campaign forced out a field worker after she referred to Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) as “Macacawitz.”

Meryl Ibis, an organizer for the campaign of Al Weed, a Virginia Democrat running for the U.S. House of Representatives, quit the campaign Wednesday after she sent an e-mail to supporters asking them to protest “George ‘Macacawitz’ Allen” at a Republican rally in Danville, Va.

Allen has come under fire for calling an Indian American activist for his opponent “Macaca,” which some took as an ethnic slur, and for concealing his mother’s Jewish origins. Allen’s campaign called the e-mail anti-Semitic.


The term "Macacawitz" is an apparent reference to Allen's use of the word "macaca" and the recent discovery that he has Jewish heritage.

...Dick Wadhams, Allen's campaign manager, said Ibis's e-mail "fits a pattern of anti-Semitic behavior" by Democrats. Wadhams said Allen's opponent, Democrat James Webb, should be held accountable for Ibis's e-mail because she also was one of his volunteer organizers.

Oh go suck an etrog.

Well, they sure jumped on that train fast, didn't he? Deny, deny, deny, hey, I can nail you for this! Zing! Thanks for keeping the tradition of abusing the A-S alarm alive, George (or is it Gershon now?)

Political opportunism: it's the American way.

Hat-tip: Jewschool.

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The back of the hill said...

Somebody who is emphatically not Jewish (by his own emphasis) has no business asserting that a snark to his address was anti-Semitic.

Rather, it is an 'anti-emphatically-not-Semitic' e-mail.