Thursday, March 23, 2006

Global Warming

Yes, you morons, it does indeed exist. And if we don't start doing something, most coastal cities are going to be majorly fucked before I hit retirement age. And where will we start stashing all the liberals (and old Jews) once places New York, Florida, and California are gone? They'll be moving in with YOU, all you semi-retarded mid-Western/Southerners who don't believe in evolution, gay marriage, or global warming.

Now, think about it. Do you really want those liberal elitists as neighbors? You've heard about Postville, right? It could happen to YOU. Neither of us want my Bubbe living in Alabama, so do your part, and convince that developmentally-challenged monkey boy of a President you elected (probably because his very existence disproves evolutionary theory) to get on the godamned ball.

Toute suite, assholes, before people start drinking their mocha-frappa-chai-tinos through snorkels. (Because the next stop on the hipster-train will be your house.)

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