Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not Cool

Fox News just wasted five minutes of my life talking about who the sexiest President of the past 40 years was:

Polls said:

Clinton- 51%
Reagan- 27%
Bush- 7%

Ow. That's really gross. None of those guys are particularly good-looking, and they haven't aged very well. And I wonder how many men bothered to respond to this poll. Seems a tad skewed, gender-wise.

Anyway, Reagan? He didn't get into office until he was 69, and spent his whole term looking like a damn shar-pei. I guess there's still hope for McCain.

And then they made it worse by asking how much sex different political supporters are getting. Thompson supporters were the highest with 14% saying they were having sex every day. Well, if you assume that most Thompson supporters are, like Thompson, decrepit ancients with 20-something blond trophy wives, that might not be such a stretch.

Best part- Bimbo of the hour said she liked JFK best, until it was pointed out to her that that was, in fact, 47 years ago. To be fair, though, it's not like they're paying her to do math.

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