Friday, January 25, 2008

Tom Cruise's Narishkeit

It was a surprising moment of pseudo-activism in my family. Tom Cruise had just had his "psychiatrists are the Devil" spat with Matt Lauer while pimping War of the Worlds. In response, Mother Superior Yid, who possesses a doctorate in Nursing and has worked in Mental Health for her entire career, said that no one in the family was to see his "stupid movie." Despite me no longer living in her house, I still felt slightly guilty enough to abide by her orders.

Cut to last week, where the Tom Cruise Youtube video made its appearance. Though some celebs are mad, saying Tom is still a human being (I guess), I still got a kick out of it- mostly because of the Mission Impossible music going on in the background.

But there have also been some interesting parody movies. Jerry O'Connell did one I couldn't be bothered to watch. A better one was posted on Jewcy. Go on, guess what it's about. Even if you haven't seen the Cruise movie, the Jewcy one is still worth watching. Besides, at a merciful 3 minutes, it's already 3 times better than Tom's.

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